Wedding Photography MacDonald Aviemore Resort | Clare and Stewart

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This is my first visit to the Macdonald Aviemore Resort to cover a wedding and it’s a rather wintery Saturday in March. Aviemore is some 31 miles south of Inverness and lies at the heart of the Cairngorms, 16 miles of this trip down were covered in snow, snow that is going side ways with the wind. A great day for skiing, and as it turned out, a great day for a wedding. The Macdonald Aviemore Resort I discover on huge! Not just one hotel, but lots of interconnected hotels, shops, cinema and more!

I hadn’t met the couple previously but had chatted on the phone to discuss the days events and what we were going to do, not too many posed shots and a more documentary approach was required by Stewart and Clare, a lovely couple now living in Aberdeen. Clare and Stewarts’s family and friends had travelled down from Inverness and Aberdeen to share the couples day and it turned out to be rather snowy and windy affair which didn’t bother any of us, let’s get married! A lovely, young and vibrant couple who’s family and friends were a joy to work with. These are just a few of the images from the day

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